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A 4:1 mix of organic 73% dark chocolate and pistachio.

With baobab and salt.

As ever, hand made in small batches.

and the f**kin lick!

10 X 70gram CHOC ROXX - PISTACHIO - £3.60 each

  • Already using an organic Dominican republic chocolate on the CHOC nutbars. The chocolate, best described as rich and smooth, is simply so good it was begging to be made into a chocolate bar. The bar took quiet some experimenting with before settling for the 4:1 mix of chocolate to roasted pistachio, as did the label design. Our first full-colour printed labels.

    Other flavours are in the pipeline.

    Cocoa Solids 57% **

    Sugar 21% **

    pistachio 20% **

    Baobab 1% **

    Salt and vanilla 1%

    **denotes organic

    12 week shelf-life -- 70g and 40g bar available

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