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An all-butter affair. Using lurpak butter of course, the flapjack is nut-free, and is unapologetically old school, yet again not made with any sugar.

We do use rice syrup, honey and molasses.

20 X FLAPJACK - SHAUN'S NUTS BAR - £1.70 each

  • Oats 34%,

    Lurpak Butter (lactic culture (milk), salt)  22%,

    Rice Syrup 11%,

    Oat Bran 9%,

    Raisins 9%,
    Honey 7%,

    Coconut 5%,

    Molasses 2%,

    Sea Salt 1%.

    Energy: 300kcal  Protein: 4.2g  Carbs: 29.3g  Fat: 24.1g  Fibre: 2.3g   65grams