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Easily the most technical in the range.

Dehydrated for 24+ hours using ingredients such as activated almonds, golden berries, cayenne, 

Its an acquired taste but easily the most body-sensible product we produce.

20 X RAW'ZILLA - SHAUN'S NUTS BAR - £2.15 each

  • Activated Almonds 30%,

    Cranberries 11%, 
    Golden Flax 11%,

    Raisins 10%, Dates 9%,

    Sunflower Seeds 8%,
    Golden Berries 6%,

    Apple Juice 5%,

    Chia Seeds 4%,

    Coconut Flakes 4%,

    Coconut Oil 2%,

    Spice Mix (cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, turmeric, baobab, black pepper) & Sea Salt.
    Energy: 286kcal  Protein: 7.1g  Carbs: 25.0g  Fat: 18.8g  Fibre: 5.6g


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