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We use organic coconut oil in place of butter and margarine to make the Vegan. 

Its quiet mild in taste and as with most of the products we produce is not very sweet.

20 X VEGAN - SHAUN'S NUTS BAR - £1.70 each


    Oats 24%,

    Rice Syrup 11%,

    Sunflower Seeds 9%,

    Almonds  9%,

    Oat Bran  8%,

    Raisins  8%,

    Cranberries 7%,

    Molasses  7%,

    Coconut Oil  5%,

    Peanut Butter 4%,

    Flax Seeds  4%,

    Coconut  4%,

    Nutmeg <1%.

    Energy: 278kcal  Protein: 6.9g  Carbs: 35.9g  Fat: 15.2g  Fibre: 3.4g

    6 week shelf life