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It started with this bar and I've made it the same way now for over 10 years.

We use Lurpak Butter and bit by bit an ever increasing number of organic ingredients..

Most notable with any of our products will be the attention to texture ... every ingredient is chopped, mixed, blended, dry-roasted or dehydrated to be just right with texture in mind. 

20 X ORIGINAL - SHAUN'S NUTS BAR - £1.70 each

  • Oats 17%,  

    Lurpak Butter (lactic  culture  (Milk),  salt) 12%, 
    Hazel Nuts 10 %,

    Raisin 10%,

    Oat Bran 8%,

    Honey 7%,

    Cranberry 6%, 
    Pumpkin Seeds 6%, 

    Flax Seeds 6%,

    Molasses 5%,

    Coconut 4%,

    Rice Syrup 4%,

    Sunflower Seeds 3%,

    Apricot 2%,

    Nutmeg <1%

    Energy: 296kcal  Protein: 5.8g  Carbs: 31.2g  Fat: 16.7g  Fibre: 2.8g   65grams