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Attention to texture ... theres our products in a nutshell .. every ingredient is chopped, sieved, mixed, blended, dry-roasted or dehydrated to be just right with texture in mind.

Everything follows from there. We push forwards making changes that make the bars better.

Like using Coconut oil, or just deciding to carry on wrapping the way we do. Or taking the time to put quotes onto the bars. Increasing the amount of hazlenuts in the Original ..increasing the amount of Almonds in the Raw'zilla .. Adding baobab.. Adding Cacao butter. This is our thing. It can be more expensive to stand around talking for 10 minutes than push the bar higher on the ingredients..

This is where it all started in 2006 while attempting to finish Uni.

I was taught how to make flapjacks one evening by Beverley, while working at what was Story Deli, Truman Brewery, and it seemed obvious to me that the next thing would be to add another love, trail mix ingredients, to the Flapjack, creating my first baked Nuts, Seed & Fruit bar. Thats the ORIGINAL.


And I still make them today, not because of any foodie obsession, or a foodie background, but because it comes easy to me, I do it well, I enjoy it and the job has many of its own charms.

And for the sake of repeating myself .. it often feels like the bars make me and not the other way round.

There are now 5 flavours and of course other lines. 

We do not use refined sugar in our products. We do use predominantly organic rice syrup & blackstrap molasses. Plus some honey and maple syrup.

Hand made, cut, wrapped & delivered. Given the lengths we go to in processing all the ingredients as we do .. there is simply nothing quiet the same available anywhere else.

Thinking of stocking nutbars?  some more points to consider….​

  • We offer a no quibble exchange for out of date bars with new ones, so you never lose-out on stock going out of date, and we work at keeping your stock fresh.

  • We note the percentage of all the ingredients used to better inform customers and to be transparent and open.

  • I deliver by bike and always have been.

  • Everything is handmade in small batches.

  • Our products are only available direct from us, straight from the kitchen. 

  • There is no minimum order .. numbers can be worked out as we go.

  • There is no set RRP.. mark ups vary greatly across shops and cafes and your free to set the price accordingly.

  • Frequency of deliveries is also worked out as we go.. but you can expect this to be Friday ..

  • ​90% of our ingredients are bought through 'Infinity Foods Co-operative' and 'Community Foods' .. 

  • Though not entirely, about 75% of our ingredients are in fact organic.

  • We do not use refined sugar .... the products we make are not so sweet, and using plenty of rice syrup and black strap molasses, as we do, they are not very acidic either, and are low on the G.I. compared with the many similar snacks available.

  • I can make and woodburn a plywood nutbar display box, if you would like one for your counter .. complete with your logo! ... check out instagram to see how this looks.

  • Lastly, there just is nothing quiet the same as a Shaun's nuts bar. So i'm told.


07779 633006

Mother Earth Shop, Basement Kitchen,

101 Newington Green Road, N1 4QY


products available in..

The Grand Howl - Well Street

For The Good Of The People - Southbank

Fuckoffee - Bermondsey High Street

Food For All - Cazenove Road

Hej - Bermondsey Square

Eau la Bouche - Broadway Market

Fierce Grace Hot Yoga - East Road  

Mother Earth - Ablion Road

Mother Earth - Newington Green Road

Mother Earth - St. Pauls Road

Jonestown Coffee - Bethnal Green Road

Goswell Road Coffee

FIX 126 -  Curtain Road 

FIX Coffee - White Cross Street

Castle Climbing Centre Cafe - Green Lanes

1001 - Truman Brewery

Autumn Yard - Hackney Downs Studio

Workers Unite Cafe - Kingsland Road

The VEGAN nutbar.

We use organic coconut oil in place of butter and margarine to make the Vegan. Its quiet mild in taste and as with most of the products we produce is not very sweet.

Oats 24% **

Rice Syrup 11% **

Sunflower Seeds 9% **

Almonds  9%

Oat Bran  8% **

Raisins  8% **

Cranberries 7%

Molasses  7% **

Coconut Oil  5% **

Peanut Butter 4% **

Flax Seeds  4% **

Coconut  4% **

Nutmeg <1%

** denotes Organic

  • Energy: 278kcal  Protein: 6.9g  Carbs: 35.9g  Fat: 15.2g  Fibre: 3.4g

  • 65grams

  • 6 week shelf life

The ORIGINAL nutbar.

It started with this bar and I've made it the same way now for over 10 years.

We use Lurpak Butter and bit by bit an ever increasing number of organic ingredients..

Oats 17% **

Lurpak Butter (lactic  culture  (Milk),  salt) 12%
Hazel Nuts 10 % **

Raisin 10% **

Oat Bran 8% **

Honey 7%

Cranberry 6% 
Pumpkin Seeds 6%

Flax Seeds 6% **

Molasses 5% **

Coconut 4% **

Rice Syrup 4% **

Sunflower Seeds 3% **

Apricot 2%, **

Nutmeg <1%

** denotes Organic

  • Energy: 296kcal  Protein: 5.8g  Carbs: 31.2g  Fat: 16.7g  Fibre: 2.8g  

  • 65grams

  • 5 week shelf-life

The  CHOC VEGAN nutbar.

The most popular of all 5 nutbars. Made with 73% organic dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic, which is tempered, poured out and smoothed over the Vegan nubar. Again, no margarine is used. We use organic coconut oil, plenty of cranberries, peanut butter & almonds.

Oats  21% **

A 73% Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa  Butter, Vanilla Powder) 16% **

Rice Syrup 9% **

Sunflower Seeds 8% **

Almonds 7%

Oat Bran 7% **

Raisins 7% **

Cranberries 6%

Molasses 6% **

Coconut Oil 4% **
Peanut Butter 3% **

Flax Seeds 3% **

Coconut  3% **

Nutmeg <1%

** denotes Organic

  • Energy: 362kcal  Protein: 8.0g  Carbs: 40.4g  Fat: 21.5g  Fibre: 5.4g

  • 80grams

  • 6 week shelf life


An all-butter affair. Using lurpak butter of course, the flapjack is nut-free, and is unapologetically old school, yet again not made with any sugar.

We do use rice syrup, honey and blackstrap molasses. Its the lick!

Oats 34% **

Lurpak Butter (lactic culture (milk), salt)  22%

Rice Syrup 11% **

Oat Bran 9% **

Raisins 9% **
Honey 7%

Coconut 5% **

Molasses 2% **

Sea Salt 1% 

** denotes Organic

  • Energy: 300kcal  Protein: 4.2g  Carbs: 29.3g  Fat: 24.1g  Fibre: 2.3g

  • 65grams

  • 5 week shelf life


Easily the most technical in the range. And perfect for the  fitness minded.

Dehydrated for 24+ hours using ingredients such as activated almonds, golden berries, cayenne, its an acquired taste but easily the most body-sensible product we produce. Not to be confused with generic pressed fruit bars ... yuuuck.

High in protein and vitamin C from Golden Berries and Baobab.

Coconut Oil, Chia seeds, Flax seeds, Turmeric and Ginger rank high for there anti-inflammatory properties.

Activated Almonds 30%

Cranberries 11%,
Golden Flax 11% **

Raisins 10% **

Dates 9% **

Sunflower Seeds 8% **
Golden Berries 6% **

Apple Juice 5% **

Chia Seeds 4% **

Coconut Flakes 4% **

Coconut Oil 2% **

Spice Mix (cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, turmeric, baobab, black pepper) & Sea Salt.

** denotes Organic

  • Energy: 286kcal  Protein: 7.1g  Carbs: 25.0g  Fat: 18.8g  Fibre: 5.6g

  • 57gram

  • 8 week shelf life

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